How do dog trainers work?

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Dog trainers work with dogs to teach them basic obedience, and in some cases, advanced performance activities. Some dog trainers may work primarily with dogs to correct behavior, and others may work with dogs to prepare them for shows or competitions.

Do dog trainers really work?

The easy answer for most dogs is yes—especially if they haven't completed a basic course yet. “Any dog can use training,” says Nicole Ellis, a certified professional dog trainer with Rover. “It provides mental stimulation and helps grow the bond between you and your pet.”

How many people currently work as dog trainers?

National estimates for Animal Trainers:

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What industry do most animal trainers work in?

About. Animal trainers are most often employed by the Other personal services industry. The average yearly wage for Animal trainers was $32,413 in 2016. The top 3 most similar occupations to Animal trainers by wage are Coaches and scouts, Baggage porters, bellhops, & concierges, and Word processors & typists.

How do dog trainers dress?

Shirts are required and should cover the entire torso. While working your dog, you may be bending, or sitting on the floor with her. Be sure you will be comfortable and without wardrobe malfunction. Tank tops of any style are discouraged.

How do dog trainers train dogs?

Positive reinforcement trainers often use verbal cues, hand signals, treats, clickers, toys, and even games to help modify behavior, correct bad habits, and even to teach tricks. Trainers use both positive reinforcement (giving rewards) and negative punishment (taking away rewards.)

How do I choose a trainer?

First, ask the trainer about her methods and training philosophy, and make sure you're comfortable with her approach. Look for a trainer who uses positive reinforcement training — rewarding the dog for appropriate behavior and teaching alternative behaviors in place of inappropriate ones.

How much do dog trainers make?

The salaries of Certified Dog Trainers in the US range from $10,193 to $268,267 , with a median salary of $48,899 . The middle 57% of Certified Dog Trainers makes between $48,899 and $121,998, with the top 86% making $268,267.

How much is a dog trainer?

Group dog training with a professional trainer costs $30 to $50 per class on average, while private training ranges from $45 to $120 per hour session. A 6-class package deal typically costs $200 to $600 while obedience training schools charge $500 to $1,250 per week. Get free estimates from dog trainers near you.

How to find a dog trainer?

You can find a certified dog trainer through, the website for the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. You can also find a trainer through the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (

How to be a good dog trainer?

Qualities of a Great Dog Trainer

  1. Embraces the philosophy that training is something you do with your dog, not to your dog.
  2. Accepts that training can be measured for effectiveness.
  3. Has done their research to pick a training philosophy and will hold to ethical standards.
  4. Strong Problem Solving Skills.

What do dog trainers do?

Trainers may offer group lessons, private lessons, or home visits. Trainers may specialize in obedience, behavioral modification, aggression management, therapy or service dog training, agility, show dog handling, puppy training, trick training, and a variety of other areas.

How much do dog trainers earn in Australia?

The average salary for a dog trainer is $3,476 per month in Australia.


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