How to track a lost dog with a microchip?

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Enter the microchip number in the online registry. If you can't find the number, you can either try calling the clinic where you had the microchip installed, or go online and use universal tracking sites. Registries like will not provide information on the location of your pet.

How to track dog with microchip?

Each microchip contains a registration number and the phone number of the registry for the particular brand of chip. A handheld scanner reads the radio frequency of the chip and displays this information. An animal shelter or vet clinic that finds your pet can contact the registry to get your name and phone number.

How to find a lost dog with a microchip?

Call Local Shelters and Animal Hospitals Shelters and vets have access to microchip scanners and frequently use the microchips to identify lost animals and get them home. They will be able to scan a lost microchipped dog and they can keep an eye out for dogs matching your pet's description.

How to track your dog with a microchip?

Wait for the microchipping company to contact you. You'll be able to find your dog if his microchip has been scanned at a vet clinic or a shelter to retrieve pet and owner information. Microchips don't work the same way as GPS trackers, which give you the real time location of your missing pet.

How to track my dogs microchip?

1. Enter the microchip number in the online registry. The moment you find out your dog has gone missing, log on to the microchipping company's online registry and enter your pet's microchip number. This information should be kept safe along with your dog's medical records and identification documents.

Can dogs be tracked with a microchip?

It must be made clear that a microchip itself does not track your pet. Microchips are primarily used for identification purposes, but with PetScanner, when scanning a microchip, the device allows a pet to be located using the GPS position of the phone that is connected to the device.

Does a microchip track a dog?

No, you cannot track your dog through its microchip. A dog microchip is a tiny Near Field Communication (NFC) technology transponder inserted under a dog's skin to give a permanent ID. Microchips can't provide real-time tracking as a radio frequency identification device; they are ideal for pet identification.

Is there an app to track your pet's microchip?

Unfortunately, no. A smart phone can not and will not ever be able to read a pet's microchip. There are no apps for iphone or android that do this and there never will be. There will never be an iphone, android- google, samsung or otherwise that will ever have that capability.

How can I find my lost dog with a microchip?

They will scan the pet and, if they locate a microchip, they can check which database it is registered to and initiate the process of reuniting the animal with its owner. You can also take the pet to the nearest veterinary practice to have the microchip scanned, or call to see if a pet has been reported missing.

How can I track my dog if he gets lost?

Track Lost Dog with a Microchip Visit the microchipping company's website and enter your pet's serial number. If you're not sure about which provider, use a service like Call the vet that injected the chip if you need more information.

How to track dogs?

Track Lost Dog with a Microchip To track a lost dog with a microchip: Visit the microchipping company's website and enter your pet's serial number. If you're not sure about which provider, use a service like Call the vet that injected the chip if you need more information.

How to track a dog?

Luckily, there are many smartphone apps designed to help you monitor and locate your pet.

  1. Dog Monitor.
  2. FitBark.
  3. Pod Trackers.
  4. Tractive GPS for Dogs and Cats.
  5. Whistle - Pet Tracker.
  6. Cat Buddy – My Cat File and First Aid.
  7. DogLog - Track your dog's life.
  8. PetFetch - Pet Organizer.

How to microchip a dog?

For correct placement, your dog should be either standing or lying on his stomach. Some of the loose skin between the shoulder blades is gently pulled up, and the needle is quickly inserted. The applicator trigger is squeezed, injecting the microchip into the tissue.

How to find a lost dog?

How to find a lost dog

  1. Check at home first.
  2. Call and verify your lost dog's microchip contact information.
  3. Determine your search radius.
  4. Search the area where the dog was lost.
  5. Report your dog missing and contact local shelters.
  6. Use Facebook and other social media networks.
  7. Make and distribute lost dog posters.

How to report a lost dog?

Call your local animal shelter, non-emergency police number, or animal service/control office. Even if you can't recover the dog or cat, alerting these channels can let them know to be on the lookout, especially if you've spotted a pet that's reported missing.


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