What does dog food mean in slang?

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drugs, particularly crack cocaine.

What does dog food mean in slang?

The term "dogfooding" is an IT slang for the use of one's own products. In some uses, it implies that developers or companies are using their own products to work out bugs, as in beta testing. One benefit of dogfooding is that it shows that a company is confident about its products.

What does dog food mean in slang?

(slang, drugs) Heroin, typically the non-black tar type.

What does dog mean in slang?

informal a man or boy regarded as unpleasant, contemptible, or wretched. US informal a male friend: used as a term of address. slang an unattractive or boring girl or woman. US and Canadian informal something unsatisfactory or inferior. short for firedog.

What does MVP mean in slang?

Most Valuable Player" is the most common definition for MVP on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. MVP.

What does homeboy mean in slang?

Definition of homeboy 1 slang : a boy or man from one's neighborhood, hometown, or region broadly : a male friend. 2 slang. a : a boy or man who is a member of one's peer group. b : a member of one's gang. 3 slang : an inner-city youth.

What does Pyo mean in slang?

PYO, at pick-your-own See all meanings.

What does PMO mean in slang?

PMO is an internet slang acronym for pisses me off, and its different verb forms.

What does the slang put on mean?

noun put-on slang, mainly US and Canadian. a hoax or piece of mockery. an affected manner or mode of behaviour.

What does whistle mean in slang?

By the late 1990s, whistle also emerged in Black slang as “firearm,” presumably due to its likeness (in both shape and loud sound) to the instrument. The TV drama The Wire popularized the term in the 2000s, referring to a whistle squad and bringing one's whistle to a confrontation on episodes.

What does Dawg mean in slang?

Noun. dawg (plural dawgs) Pronunciation spelling of dog. That dawg won't hunt. (slang) Dude, bud, pal, used to address a close male friend.

What does hound mean in slang?

Slang. an unpleasant, mean, or despicable person. a man who chases women; a promiscuous man.

What does POV slang mean?

POV stands for 'Point Of View' and refers to a trend in which the video shows the viewer's point of view of a certain situation.

What does ⭕ mean in slang?

— Used to express drunkenness, sexual arousal, or a grimace. 🍑 — Butt. — Means “hot” in a sexual sense; a kid might comment this on their crush's Instagram selfie, for example. 🚛 — “Dump truck,” which refers to a large and/or shapely bottom.


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