What is a feist dog breed?

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The Feist breed was recognized by the United Canine Association in 2002. The Mountain Feist was recognized by the United Kennel Club in 2015.

Is a Feist a mixed breed?

Feist dogs are an American home-grown mixed breed created by crossing terriers brought over from England with several different breeds. Most commonly, Greyhounds, Beagles, or Whippets.

How many Feist dog breeds are there?

Summary. There you have it, fourteen fantastic Feist dog breeds, each one as different as the next! If you are looking for a family pet then you should consider the Bench-Legged, Charlie or Thornburg Feist.

What breeds make up Mountain Feist?

Mountain Feists are bred to hunt small animals and pests (like squirrels and rats) that harm the local crops in the rural areas of Southern states in America. Mountain Feists' bloodlines are from different types of terriers and greyhounds, mixed to create a perfect hunting companion.

What is the difference between Mountain Feist and Treeing Feist?

The Treeing Feist is a breed of feist from the Southeastern United States. Originally considered a single breed, the Mountain Feist is now considered a separate breed with both being separately recognized by the United Kennel Club.

What is the temperament of a Feist?

Feist Personality and Temperament The Feist is curious, and intelligent, energetic but not hyper, and very eager to please. Early socialization is a must to ensure the Feist will get along with other animals and young children.

What are the characteristics of a Feist dog?

Feists are small, compact and muscular dogs. They have slightly rounded heads, tapered muzzles, black noses and ears that stick up. They have strong necks and shoulders, deep chests, sturdy legs and tails that are set high.

What is a feist mix dog?

A feist is a small hunting dog, descended from the terriers brought over to the United States by British miners and other immigrants. These terriers probably included crosses between the Smooth Fox Terrier, the Manchester Terrier, and the now-extinct English White Terrier.

Is a Feist a good dog?

In addition to being great hunting dogs and family dogs, Mountain Feists make good watchdogs, too. They are loving with their families, but they can be a bit wary of strangers. They can also be a bit stubborn, but early training and socialization will bring out the best in your dog, as with all breeds.

Are Feist dogs vocal?

Feist dogs are well-known for being vocal, including growls, barks and the distinctive baying associated with hunting breeds. However, they will be completely silent while stalking prey.

Are Feist dogs affectionate?

Children And Other Pets Mountain Feists are an interesting blend of personality traits: very loving and friendly to their families, but with a very strong prey drive. They generally do decently well with children; their sturdy physique and small-to-medium size makes them not too fragile.

What is a Mountain Feist a mix of?

Mountain Feists are a historic breed, the descendants of various terriers and scent hounds that were bred in the American South. The aim of early breeding efforts was to produce a low-maintenance dog that would be able to hunt, rat, and tree to help farmers and ranchers control the vermin population.

What does Feist mean?

noun. 1. ( chiefly in South Midland and Southern US) a small mongrel dog, esp. one that is ill-tempered; cur; mutt.

What are the different types of Feist dogs?

Denmark FeistFeist / Representative species


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