Which states require doctors to report dog bites?

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Once you have received medical care and you're home, then it's time to make a few more calls. First, call your local animal control and report the bite. In many states, including California, New York, and North Carolina, any dog bite must be reported if any medical care (emergency or otherwise) is needed.

Do doctors report dog bites in Florida?

In the state of Florida, bites involving animals should be reported to a local county health department.

Do doctors have to report dog bites in Tennessee?

Doctors are not required to report dog bites to the police department, but if a dog bite victim presents at a doctor's office or hospital, the doctor is required to report the bite to the state health department or animal control agency following a detailed report and treatment.

Do doctors have to report dog bites in Ohio?

You have 24 hours to report a dog bite in Ohio. Ohio Code Section 3701-3-28 requires you to file a report with the local health commissioner within 24 hours of a dog bite or attack by another mammal.

Do doctors have to report dog bites in California?

According to California law, a doctor is required to report a dog bite for which they provided treatment and/or evaluation. They must report the dog bite even in the instance that the victim did not suffer a serious injury and there is evidence that the dog did not have the rabies vaccine.

Should a dog bite be reported?

Tell your doctor or medical practitioner that you have been bitten by an animal. Report the bite. Taking photos of the wound straight after it happens can be helpful. Your police and local authority's dog warden should be informed of any dog bites to take steps to prevent this happening in future.

How to report a dog bite?

Municipal Animal Control Offices Please report all dog and cat bitescat bitesCat bites are usually considered minor injuries but can result in serious infection. Common symptoms include pain and swelling around the affected area. Sometimes, direct tissue damage from the cat bite can impair mobility or cause tenosynovitis or arthritis. to the appropriate municipal animal control office. All other bites not covered by one of the cities listed above should contact Maricopa County Animal Care and Control by phone at 602-506-7387 or by fax at 602-506-2773.

Which states have a state dog?

State dog breeds

StateDog breedYear of designation
AlaskaAlaskan Malamute2010
DelawareGolden Retriever2016 (expired on Aug. 31, 2017 pursuant to 80 Del. Laws, c. 365, § 3).
LouisianaCatahoula Leopard dog1979

Do dog bites have to be reported?

All bites are serious enough to report them. Tell the pet owner the dog bit you if he or she did not witness the attack. A dog that has bitten someone once may continue to do so until the owner corrects the misbehavior. The pet owner needs to know about the incident to improve the odds of preventing a similar attack.

How to file a dog bite report?

If your pet bites someone please contact the Livingston County Sheriff's Office / Animal Control Division at (517) 546-2440. ​ If you are calling about your dog, please have information about its current rabies vaccination and Michigan dog license on hand.

Should you report a dog bite?

Report the bite. Your police and local authority's dog warden should be informed of any dog bites to take steps to prevent this happening in future. They may also be able to give you advice to prevent it happening again in future.

Is a dog license required in New York State?

Dog Licensing Every dog 4 months of age or older owned in New York State must be licensed. Pet owners can apply for a dog license at their local town or municipal office.


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